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The project health care is been closed.
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In most villages, children can attend elementary education. This is also the case on Kei Besar. For following education the children have to have uniforms. The foundation ( RYM and the RYT Republique Indonesia) have attended to sewing-machines and materials. Now it is possible for all children in the village to go to school.

Also we have starting an homework-supervision in the house of the father of the chairman of RYTRI

pixel schooluniform

Further education, however, is usually only available in larger towns. This means that, to attend continuing education, a child needs to move. These children are often housed at and cared for by local relatives. Unfortunately, there are also children who do not have relatives living in the larger towns. The foundations aims to financially support students by defraying the costs of education. The student has to motivate his choice for the study and make a budget. Yulius Yusuf Ngarbingan is at college with the support of the foundation at the university Kristen Satya Wacana in Salataga.

To add to the chances on education the foundation pay attention to the little children, the toddlers. Several years ago the toddlers stay at the kampong with their grandmothers. Nowadays more and more toddlers go to a nursery class. But developing materials are hardly available. So there is a request for playmaterials for the schoolyard.

At this moment the schoolyard is like this:


pixel speelplaats


The purpose of the foundation is to make the schoolyard much more attractive for children to play, with respect for the culture of the island and if possible build with materials of the island.

pixel speelplaats