The start of the foundation

In the past years we have received many requests for help of Kei Besar. Sometimes it was a request for a fishing-boat, sometimes for improvement of the health care. The requests were coming of community chiefs or family.
All the request are inventoried and during the visit of the family Hurulean (2006) at Kei talked over. The conclusion made together: the main objects we have in view are a good health care and the possibility to follow good education.

At first the foundation had reacted on the requests of hospital St Yusuph. They had given a list of medical needs. With this list the foundation had found donations. Since 2007 we had received many medical goods. We have build a network, contacts lead to other contacts and other activities.

The foundation Rahan Yam Tel is started in mai 2007. The meaning of Rahan Yam Tel is: 3 families ( Ngarbingan, Rahangmetan, Hurulean) are coming under 1 roof to work together and help each other in ups and downs. The foundation consists of 6 members on board and works together with the family Janwarin, origin of Ohoir.
The family Janwarin is in the foundation represented by mister Azaria Janwarin.
We have choosen for this cooperation, because we think that the knowledge and experiences of this family are connecting with the same objects as we have in view.