How can you help?

Your help

The Rahan Yam-Tel foundation puts itself as an aim to support the Kei Islands and to improve participation in (further) education.

You can support our foundation by:

financial support to realize a schoolyard with playmaterials attractive for children.
financing a study stage
a financial donation. We welcome every amount of donation

thinking of us at your next birthday or other party. Don’t know what to put on your wish list? Consider putting out a collection-box on your party and asking your guest to make a donation to our foundation in stead of giving a present.

The collected amount can be transferred to account number 1244.41.009 of the Rahan Yam-Tel Foundation.

The inhabitants of Kei and we are very thankful.

If you have any other ideas of ways to support us? Please let us know, because every bandage counts!