Masuk Sadja Maastricht

May 16th, 2008

In commemoration of Cindy Hurulean, Evert Hurulean and Hannah van Wamel gave information on the activities of Rahan Yam-Tel Masuk Sadja in Maastricht om the 16th of may. They were invited by the Plita Foundation.

The Masuk Sadja is a day where Indian and Moluccan elderly meet up. Various activities, such as playing bingo, dancing and singing are organised. At the end of the afternoon there is an extensive diner.

During the afternoon, Evert Hurulean gave a presentation about the Rahan Yam-Tel foundation. The goal of this presentation was to give people information about the origine and purpose of the foundation. With this foundation we aim to provide better health care and education on the Kei Islands.

On this day, we raised money for the foundation. It was a fun afternoon and it was extra special because Cindy Hurulean usually organised these kind of events. We want to thank everyone for their gifts and would like to thank the Pelita for giving us permission to be present.

In Memoriam Cindy Hurulean

After a short sick-bed, co-founder and secretary Cindy Hurulean passed away on the 20th of april 2008. Together with friends and family, we said our final goodbyes to het on the 18th of april. Looking back on Cindy’s work as secretary of our foundation, we can say that she did things in her own way: calmly and distinctly, but always with pleasure and always joking. Her way aiding us with her experience, characterizes her work behind the screens.


Our joint familyproject for health care and education for the habitants of Kai-Besar will miss the enormous contribution and support she gave us.

Before her passing, Cindy indicated that gifts would be available for the Rahan Yam-Tel foundation.

In name of the Rahan Yam-Tel foundation,

Evert Hurulean