It is always nice to be able to speak a few words in Keiese! If you know any more words of convenient sentences, please e-mail us.

How are you? Vel be
How old are you? Omu umur be el be?
What’s your name? Omu mumom harak ki?
We are going (back) home. Aim ba il.
We are going...   Am ba
Sleaping Om tub 
Getting up, waking Om batar
Waiting Om teek
Coming Om do
Where are you going? Om bua behe
Down Om su
Up Om rat
What do you want? Om hauk aka
I want... Jaau hauk
You want...  Om hauk
How much Be el be
Price  Nenan

Afternoon                                           Hamar
1 sa

6 neaan
2 ru 7 vit
3 te 8 wauw
4 vaak 9 sie
5 lim 10 wut
Father je mong Mother  renong
Grandfather bum toran Grandmother bum te
Child jenong    
My child jaau jenong    
Your child o jenom    
Son baran  Daughter wat
Clock Jam be
What time is it? Jam be el be
What time is it already? Jam be el be rok
Food and drinks  
I want to drink Jaau hauk jewen wear
Thirsty Je lelon nabro
Water  Wear
I want to eat Jaau hauk jewuan beno
Eating Jewuan
Food Beno
Rice Kokat
Fish Wuut
Tea Teh
Soup Sup